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All Chicken

Our gourmet pasture raised chicken are grown in small groups in portable chicken "tractors," where they are moved daily to fresh pasture and fed 100% non GMO feed. Our offerings include whole birds and chicken cutups, including boneless skinless breast, bone-in breast, thighs, drumsticks, wings, leg quarters and chicken stock packs. We raise our meat chickens starting from day-old chicks in a warm brooder barn and are taken out to pasture when they have grown their first feathers. The birds are moved each day by pulling their mobile pens to fresh pasture. The chickens are so excited about the move and run to snatch the first bugs and munch on the fresh greens! They are supplemented with a 100% Non-GMO feed and are never injected with antibiotics. The fresh air, fresh pastures, and clean environments combine for a great tasting bird.